I am here to inspire you

My name is B.B.Cole and I was born to inspire you! I write soul songs from the heart with a little country touch.

My Story

What you have to know about me …

is that I did not choose to be a songwriter. The songs chose me. While this might sound a little “ridikkulus” to you, it is my truth. It’s like the good old “The wand chooses the wizard” (if you are a Muggle and have no idea what I am talking about, please do your homework). So, the songs chose me. And I said yes! Yes, I will receive you and take care of you and dress you up and finally release you to the world. And cry a little when I do so but will be happy at the same time because I know it is the best for you and I cannot hold you forever. And I know that you will make this world a better place with your magic.

What you have to know about songs ….

is that they are immortal – just like our souls. And we try to catch those immortal songs and make them audible for you. What you hear on a record is not “the” song. It is just one incarnation of it. The so-called studio version. A capture of that very moment in that very setting on that very day we decided to record it. There are and will be numerous incarnations of the song: Every single time it is sung on a stage, the version my kids sing in the shower or your rendition of it in the car. Just to name a few.

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She gave me feathers

B.B. Cole

Video premiere on Feb 12, 7.00 pm on youtube

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You want me to lighten up your event with my music? You want to write with me? You want to sing with me? Drop me a line and I‘ll get back to you.